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How cloud-based digital asset management increases the sustainability of your business

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In recent years, sustainable action has increasingly become the focus of companies. And in the area of professional media management (digital asset management in technical terms), the shift to cloud technology is also opening up new ways of using resources more sustainable. But what does sustainability actually mean in this context? And how does cloud technology contribute to it? To answer these questions, we must first clarify the concept of sustainability.

What is sustainability?

The term sustainability has its origins in forestry. There, it refers to the management of a forest in which only as much wood is removed as will grow back. So, in general, it describes the ability of a system to maintain itself over a long period of time by establishing equilibria between inputs and outputs.

In the business world the system can be a company or a specific industry. Accordingly, inputs are resources such as energy, materials or labor. Thus sustainable business management means looking for ways to use resources more efficiently, reduce waste products, promote employee health, etc., while ensuring business success at all times.

The role of cloud technology

Cloud technology can help drive corporate sustainability footprints by increasing resource use efficiency and lowering operating costs. Unlike traditional on-premises systems, which often require expensive and energy-intensive hardware, cloud systems are based on virtual machines hosted in large-scale data centers.

Grüne Wolke, Symbolbild für cloudbasierte Lösung, die die Nachhaltigkeit von Unternehmen fördert

The cloud is greener than you might think.

The infrastructure of such data centers is designed for optimal performance and efficiency. Virtualization and dynamic resource allocation can be used to manage server utilization. As a result less hardware and less energy is required. Increasingly, artificial intelligence (AI) is also being used to control optimization processes. In addition, many cloud providers are investing in renewable power sources and energy-efficient cooling techniques to further reduce their environmental footprint.

Cloud-based digital asset management and sustainability

In addition to the direct environmental impact, cloud technology can also help increase efficiency in digital asset management (DAM), which can lead to further sustainability benefits:

    • Automated duplicate detection: modern cloud-based DAM systems can use machine learning to automatically detect and remove duplicate media. For organizations that manage millions of images and other media files, this can result in significant savings on storage usage.
    • Scalability: another advantage of cloud-based DAM systems is their ability to scale. Companies can expand or reduce their storage and processing capacities as required. This means that they only pay for the resources they actually need, resulting in cost savings and preventing resources from going unused.
    • Integration of advanced technologies: cloud-based DAM systems enable e.g. the integration of AI modules that are based on machine learning. These can help to further increase the efficiency of media management. AI-based image recognition, for example, enables automatic tagging of images and videos. This not only increases findability, but also saves time and manpower resources.


In the DAM space, a cloud infrastructure is the modern alternative to traditional on-premises systems. With improved resource efficiency and integration capabilities for advanced technologies, a cloud solution helps companies achieve higher sustainability goals. Companies that want to optimize their media management processes and their ecological footprint at the same time should therefore consider the advantages of cloud technology. If they choose a professional DAM system that meets the requirements mentioned above, a step towards more sustainability has definitely been taken.

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