Data security and GDPR

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How safe are my digital assets?

Your digital assets (pictures, videos, graphic files, etc.) are securely stored and processed in European high-performance data centers. Our team has taken the utmost care in selecting a data center and relies exclusively on an ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certified operating company.

At rest, your digital assets reside in AES-256 encrypted storage containers. In addition, all transport channels are secured with an SSL certificate.

After a successful upload, your data is mirrored several times and stored securely as a redundant data backup in a separate storage container. Therefore, if you delete data by mistake, you can contact our support team with confidence.

Will my data be stored in compliance with the GDPR?

We assure you a GDPR-compliant storage of your data. Of course, you can conclude a separate data processing agreement with us. There are no additional costs for this. Please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Is it possible to conclude a supplementary agreement in accordance with section 203 StGB?

We offer the teamnext | Media Hub as a private cloud (hosted in a German data center) especially for our customers with special protection requirements (e.g. entities entrusted with confidential information, hospital operators, public authorities, etc.) Within the scope of our private cloud offer, there is the option to conclude a supplementary agreement in accordance with section 203 StGB (German Criminal Code) as a supplement to the data processing agreement. For more information about our private cloud solution, please contact our team directly.

Privacy by design and privacy by default

During the development of the teamnext | Media Hub we have attached great importance to the compliance with the privacy by design and the privacy by default principles. With the entry into force of the GDPR, the two principles are no longer just part of the ideals of data protectionists, but have become mandatory for all companies with customers within the European Union.

In section 25 of the GDPR “data protection by design and by default”, the two principles are explained in detail.

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