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As a marketing manager, you have numerous responsibilities: Projects are waiting for your final approval, the executive department wants to see figures and you have to make sure at all times that your team is always focused and motivated. But what is the right way to motivate employees and what can you do as a team leader to encourage the team to become even better? Questions every team leader should ask themselves, we think. In the following blog post, we’ve summarized 8 simple ways to boost motivation within your team.

The question of why

All team leaders have a vision of what they want to advance and (hopefully) know why they do what they do. If we’re being honest, the question of why is THE multiplier for real motivation. That’s why it’s important to know the employees’ why. How? Just ask! Whether the dream of home ownership or dream car. No matter what it is: dream big together! For dreams to become reality, make plans together on how to achieve them. To do this, it must be clear to every employee what they need to do in your organization to achieve this very personal goal. Employees who feel they are advancing their personal why while they work are the most motivated employees. In this way, they advance their own goals as well as those of your organization.

Praise and recognition

A good word is never given away. Praise and recognition for what your employees accomplish every day will further motivate them to do even better. It is best not to give praise in a hidden room but, for example, in a meeting in front of all the other team members. This not only increases the motivation of the praised person to become even better, but also the other employees. Best of all, it won’t cost you a dime.

Be a role model

Nothing is more demotivating than a manager who does not live up to the expectations he or she has of the team. Do you expect every single team member to give their all for the realization of a major project? Working overtime? Putting in a weekend shift if needed? This will only work if you set a good example of this attitude.

Flexible working hours

Give your employees a regular “9 to 5 job” and they will also work by duty and time clock. We believe that these rigid working time models are no longer in keeping with the times. Give the team more freedom and agency by eliminating this outdated model. In this way, you show trust in your employees and give them the opportunity to flexibly and independently organize their work and free time.

Seeing positives in mistakes

You want your team to think “outside the box”, to have innovative ideas and dare to do new things? Then mistakes must be allowed. Only those who see mistakes as an opportunity to grow will continue to develop in the long term. If you are constantly afraid of doing something wrong and being criticized for it, you are not creative. If one of your employees blows a big deal, it’s bound to be anything but pretty. But will it motivate him if you round him up in front of the assembled team because of it? Probably not. Rather, find out together where things went wrong and how they can be done better in the future. Inhibited employees are not creative employees.

Fair remuneration

Because a living cannot be made on praise and recognition or flexible working hours, fair pay is essential. Even though, as we have already noted, a higher salary is never the sole motivator, fair compensation is definitely important for team satisfaction and retention. What is fair and realistic compensation for your organization is something you need to define together with your employees. Don’t be afraid to bring up the subject!

Celebrate successes

Analyzing mistakes on the one hand, celebrating successes on the other. You have reached one of your set goals? Closed a deal? Finished the new website? Celebrate it! This doesn’t have to be a champagne bash, but can also consist of a small barbecue party, a well-deserved after-work beer or a pizza meal together, quite simply and without high costs. It is only important that successes gain the necessary recognition. This not only strengthens the sense of unity, but also motivation.

Little extras

On average, full-time employees in Germany spend 1,647 hours at work each year (source, in German). Quite a lot, isn’t it? For this very reason, your employees should feel comfortable in their working environment. Whether a cereal bar, coffee flat or simply drinks – employees who feel good are more motivated and also want to give something back through their work. Small things can have a big impact there.

As you can see: employee motivation is not rocket science! Just realize that your employees are individuals and deserve recognition for what they do every day. You can show them this appreciation even through small gestures. Always remember: even though your position allows you to lead the team, you can be an active part of it. This is the only way you and your employees will grow together to form an unbeatable team.

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