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“Oh, that must have gone down somewhere …”

Within projects, marketing teams in particular are faced with complex task management due to the necessary collaboration with internal specialist departments, external service providers and their own team. The colleague from the specialist department asks “briefly” for your time, service providers are waiting for information from you and the latest layout version is waiting to be sifted through or corrected. These tasks are often not transparent or simply not documented at all and reach you in different ways such as e-mail, telephone or shouts at the coffee machine. Especially within project work, efficient task management can save time, money and nerves.

Be honest …

How is your task management really? Do tasks and information about your projects still sit in Excel, Word files or in your email inbox? Do you search through several documents, of which there seem to be countless versions, looking for the latest one, which is then sent on again by e-mail with a new task? Does anyone even know what the status of open tasks is, other than the person working on them? – No? Then you should change that.

Central task management – 8 advantages

1) All tasks at a glance

Probably the most convincing advantage of central task management is the gained overview of all current and completed tasks. This makes it easier for you to better prioritize your tasks and complete them in a targeted manner. In doing so, you ensure that you are working with the most up-to-date information at all times. This increases transparency for all team members.

2) Location-independent collaboration

You’ve thought of a task that you need to delegate quickly, but you’re out of the office at the moment or the colleague in question isn’t available? With centralized task management, you assign tasks easily and quickly, no matter where you are. This makes collaboration a lot easier and tasks can be processed faster.

3) Work flexibly

As soon as something changes within your project, all project participants are informed about it. This allows you to work flexibly and agilely without having to inform all parties involved each time via cumbersome channels.

4) No gathering of information

All tasks are in one place and not scattered in different email inboxes, Word documents or calendar entries. This saves you a lot of inquiries with internal and external team members, because you can easily view all tasks. With the teamnext | Media Hub, tasks are assigned directly to the relevant project. This creates even more transparency within your arrangements.

5) Faster control of tasks

You can check the status of your tasks easily and quickly. In this way, you are always able to provide information to the executive department or customers and can make reliable statements. No more awkward stammering like “I’d have to clarify that internally. Everyone knows about everything. Anytime.

6) Comprehensible agreements

“Oh, right. We understood that quite differently.” Every day, tasks are delegated by phone, e-mail or in meetings. This does not really make your agreements transparent and the danger of talking past each other is great. In addition, telephone agreements, for example, are difficult or impossible to understand when it really matters. If the responsible colleague is not present, projects can quickly come to a standstill because certain information is missing. With centrally documented tasks, you avoid confusing agreements and misunderstandings.

7) Clear responsibilities

All responsibilities and deadlines are clearly clarified and documented via a central task management system. Excuses like “Oh, that must have got lost somewhere …” no longer stand a chance.

8) Don’t forget anything anymore

If your tasks exceed a deadline, you will be notified. This way you have your head free for other things.

With the right task management, you save time, increase transparency within your arrangements, and document all important information consistently in one place.
The teamnext | Media Hub helps you to delegate all your tasks to internal and external team members (e.g. service providers) very easily. At the same time, you have all the information at your fingertips.

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