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Intelligent image management

We’ve compiled our knowledge of building intelligent image management into a guide that will help you work more efficiently with images, identify new potential through artificial intelligence, and increase the distribution of your media files.

Darstellung eines Laptops mit dem Leitfaden zur intelligenten Bildverwaltung von teamnext

Create order that inspires.

Contents of the guide:

  • Digital assets in the enterprise

    Whether photos, graphics, videos or texts – how do I identify the really valuable content?

  • Manage images and media files efficiently and easily

    Why you shouldn’t organize digital assets via services like WeTransfer or Dropbox.

  • Machine vision with artificial intelligence

    How to take your image management workflows to the next level with artificial intelligence.

  • Requirements checklist for your company

    Define your individual requirement profile with our checklist.

Frequently asked questions

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teamnext | Media Hub

The intelligent Media Hub

AI is more than just a buzzword for us. At teamnext, we develop and use artificial intelligence to relieve our users of as much routine image management work as possible. Until now, you’ve had to create keywords by hand, spent hours clicking through folders of photos to find a specific person, or repeatedly found that many files are duplicated and triplicated through your archive. These problems are now a thing of the past. Don’t worry about such things any longer, our AI will take care of these tasks for you to save you a lot of monotonous work. And this is where our real claim comes in. We want to give you more freedom – for the important, creative and highly complex tasks that only you can do – and no AI in the world.