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Good image management is very important for marketing teams, because most companies have one thing in common: lots of images in stock. The management of these images is a constant challenge for the teams. Pictures and media files are saved on dusty data carriers in the desk drawer or disappear in the nirvana of unclear folder structures. We have summarized the advantages of switching to a professional image management solution for you in the following article.

Upload. Tag. Retrieve.

Find that one image for the next corporate event, flyer or campaign with one click? For many marketing teams, this is still a thing of the future. With a modern DAM system*, image data no longer disappears on individual employees’ drives, but finds its place in a cloud-based image database. This means that the media files are accessible to anyone with the appropriate authorization at any time and can be uploaded and downloaded from any location. With the right keywording, all images can be found in seconds, even in very large collections.

* DAM stands for digital asset management and is the technical term for managing digital media.

Sharing is fun again

Sharing images with others should be easy and fast. A professional image manager for businesses will help you do this as straightforwardly as possible. Images can be easily shared via links instead of email attachments. Without any time-consuming conversion. There are no problems with the size or file format of your images, and the recipient can access them easily. Upload approvals also make it easy to collect new images shot by photographers for campaigns or other projects. The photographer can easily upload new images directly to your image database, making not only your life easier, but also the lives of your service providers.

Access your media files everywhere

With cloud-based image management, you always have your images at hand. Whether with your smartphone, tablet or laptop – no matter where you are. Showing the client the status of the new logo or pictures of last summer’s festival at the out-of-town appointment? – Just log in, search with a keyword and off you go. So you’ll never have to carry around pictures on a USB stick or waste your storage space unnecessarily.

Why cheap does not equal safe

There are numerous image management tools that seem inexpensive, but skimp on privacy. This can have significant consequences not only for you, but also for your customers. Protecting your data should be at the top of your priority list when choosing an image management solution. The fact that data protection is not viewed as strictly everywhere as it is in Germany is no secret, but it is also not really clear to everyone. For example, unlike in the EU, data protection in the US is not regulated in a general and comprehensive manner, but rather on a sector-specific basis. This means that most companies determine their own level of data protection. Extensive access powers of the U.S. authorities also reduce the level of protection of your data. So, when choosing, make sure that the image manager of your choice is GDPR compliant.

The main advantages summarized

    1. Clearly arranged management of your images and media files
    2. Fast retrieval through (partially automated) keywording
    3. Easy sharing without manual conversion
    4. Setting individual user rights groups
    5. Mobile availability
    6. Copyright and license management

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