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How can I convert an image into a PDF file?

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Sometimes it can be useful to convert image files to PDF format. For instance, when digital images are to be prepared for printing or when an image is needed as a page of a multi-page PDF document. When saving an image as a PDF, the destination file may become significantly smaller than the original file, depending on the settings and output format. The new file is then also more suitable for electronic exchange, e.g. by e-mail. However, conversion to PDF format can be lossy. You must expect visible quality loss if the target resolution is lower than that of the source file.

Having said that, in the next two sections we would like to show you how to convert image files to PDF in three simple steps without any special software. Nota bene: the term “conversion” is not quite accurate, because the source files are not changed in the process and always remain with you.

Save images as PDF files under Windows

Convert formats like JPEG, PNG or TIFF to PDF

Open the desired image file with the Photos program.

Then navigate to the Print item using the three dots in the top bar (see screenshot). Alternatively press Ctrl+p on the keyboard.

Select the Microsoft Print to PDF printer. Then make additional settings if necessary, and click Print. Now you just need to specify where (and under what name) the PDF file should be saved.

Save images as PDF file under macOS

Open the desired image file with the program Preview.

Then click on File. After that select Print.

Select Save as PDF. Then assign a file name, and finally specify a location.

Save PDFs as image file

As you have seen, saving in PDF format is easily possible even without a special program. The reverse direction also works. PDF files can basically be converted to image formats such as JPEG, PNG or TIFF, but not with on-board Windows or Mac tools. Ideally, you will need Adobe Acrobat Pro (Acrobat Reader is not sufficient for this). If you rarely perform such conversions, a freeware tool may also be sufficient. In addition, there are numerous websites that offer conversion of PDF files to image formats. However, you should be careful with browser-based services: If you upload files to third-party servers, all metadata also falls into the hands of the operator.

Save images as PDF with a cloud-based image manager

In addition to Acrobat Pro, which is designed more for desktop publishing and print experts, there are also cloud solutions that can be used to convert image files into PDFs. One of these solutions is the teamnext | Media Hub. It is a cloud-based image management solution that supports all common image formats and enables PDF conversion in both directions.

The Media Hub is aimed at customers who need to develop, maintain and use larger media pools and particularly value data protection and data security.

If we have made you curious and you just want to try out the various functions of our image management, you can start immediately with a free 14-day trial period for the teamnext | Media Hub.

In addition, you can book an appointment for a free online product demo with one of our experts at any time. Simply use our contact form for this purpose.

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