7 team building games that are guaranteed not to be annoying

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Some may think that the words team building games and cool cannot be used in the same sentence. Admittedly: There are definitely team building games that can be a bit annoying and exhausting. But there are also the ones that are fun and actually enjoyable. Don’t you think so? Keep reading!

The following team building games and activities were tested by our team and provided a lot of fun. They don’t take half an eternity, don’t need any extravagant tools and will put a smile on the lips of even the grumpiest colleague – guaranteed!

1) Office quiz

Duration: about 1 hour

You will need: 20 – 25 quiz questions about your office

Procedure: A quiz with questions about the workplace definitely lightens the mood and is one of the teambuilding games of the funny kind! Potential questions might include, “How many plants are in the office?” “What brand are most of the keyboards and computer monitors from? “How many office chairs are there?”, “Who was our first customer?” etc. The loser has to worry about the next after-work beer.

Goal:Fun and team cohesion

2) Back to back

Duration: 30 min. – 1 hour

You will need: pen, paper, paper with simple drawing

Procedure: For this team building game, first divide into teams of two and sit on the floor with your backs against each other. One gets a piece of paper with a simple picture on it, the other gets a pen and a piece of paper to draw on. The person with the picture now describes to their partner what is in the picture WITHOUT revealing what it is exactly. After 4 minutes, the exchange takes place. The whole team then compares the images to determine who has rendered it best.

Goal: Promotes communication skills, teamwork, and active listening.

3) Find a need and fill it

You need: Actually only some time and creativity

Procedure: If you like team building activities instead of team building games, you will like “Find a need and fill it”. Planning a charitable action together as a team (e.g. Christmas in a shoebox) not only strengthens team spirit and cohesion, but even helps others. Doing good feels good! You could set aside 15 minutes of your work time each day for a week to do this.

4) Sweet & Sour

You will need: pen, post-its, tape & a list of word pairs (e.g. salt & pepper, thick & thin … )

Procedure: Write the word pairs separately on different small pieces of paper (e.g., salt on one paper and pepper on another, etc.) Stick a Post-it on the back of each team member and mingle around the room. Now everyone has to guess which word is on the post-it on their own back. The rule here is that the questions may only be answered with yes or no. Once you have found out which word is hidden on your own post-it, you have to try to find your word pair partner. Word pairs that have found each other sat down and exchanged 3 commonalities. A great team building game for new teams and those who have been working together for a while.

Goal: Promotes mutual acquaintance

Six people playing team building game

5) Your own coat of arms

You need: pens & paper

Procedure: This team building game requires one thing above all: creativity! As a team, design a crest for your company and divide it into three sections. Draws the following things divided into these 3 areas: 1. the recent success, 2. your company values 3. the future of your company. The crest keeps all team members aware of the values and goals and what you have accomplished together. Always at the end of the year a new coat of arms is created and kept visible until the next year.

Goal: Team cohesion, team spirit and creativity

6) Moon landing

Duration: 1 – 2 hours

Participants: 2 (or more) small groups

You will need: various office supplies (e.g. tape, newspaper, pencils, stapler … )

Procedure: Divide your players into small groups of 3-5 players each and give each group a raw egg. With the help of various office supplies, each team has 15 minutes to wrap the egg in a break-proof manner. After the 15 minutes have elapsed, the egg is dropped from a high place (e.g., standing on a desk or from a balcony). The team with the healed egg wins.

: Teamwork & Develop common methods for problem solving.

7) Who am I?

Duration: 1 hour

Participants: From 3

Aids: Post-its, pen

Procedure: “Who am I”? is probably a classic among teambuilding games and can be played both as a small game for in between (e.g. after a meeting) and on a “larger scale” at the Christmas party. Apart from a few post-its and a pencil, you don’t need any tools other than the fun of it. The procedure: A piece of paper with the name of a famous person is stuck on the forehead of a teammate in such a way that the named colleague cannot read it. To find out which name is hidden on the post-it, the player can now ask questions such as “Am I male?” or “Am I a singer?” which, however, can only be answered with yes or no.

Have fun trying it out!

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